Update Day Three: Chaos and Other Catastrophies

On the first day working in our desperately hopeless groups, we faced a long time of discussions prior to the sampling work. After lunch we finally made it with several driving difficulties and detours into the field. The Biology, Chemistry and Communication groups focused their work on the mouth of the Guadalete River, while the Hydrology group went upstream and also took into account a small tributary.

After a little bit of drowning, getting stuck in in the mud and transporting the equipment from and to the sampling location. In the evening the groups returned to Jerez and analysed the collected data.

So all in all some observed, many discussed, some measured and sampled, smiles on the mouth of the river and further up. Biggest topic of the day still is Jouke making out with a Wasp (Don’t ask me why)?

Check out the latest Pictures!

Bring it on, Day Four!

Buenos Nachos!

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