Update Day Seven!

Actually, this update could be one of the longest, you will ever read on this website, but we will try to keep it short:

The day started with hard work on the presentation and report, after we discovered in the morning, that some couches mysteriously moved in front of some doors. After some students fell asleep from the exhaustion, we travelled to the University of Cadiz, where we held our presentation and kept it central. Michiel closed off the event with his Pastafarian story.


Back at El Sabio, we decided to enjoy the last warm sunlight of the day and jump into the pool.

In the evening we were invited to a surprise “party” to El Puerto de Santa Maria. A guided VIP tour and sherry wine tasting with Flamenco dance and music in the background was the result. We were strictly told not to touch the bell… I cannot recall anyone, who did not touch it. The evening was rounded off back at El Sabio with a lot of singing, occasional heavy drinking, people falling off the stairs and again mysterious couches changing their locations.

Rumors have it that a sea monster with goggles was sighted in the pool at night as well. But one main question remained on that evening:


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