Update Day Five!

On this Wednesday, the 8.10, the FS groups went again out into the field to take samples and measurements. Lets see what they have to say about their days:

Also check out the newest pictures of today’s adventures!


After a very nice breakfast, the Bandeleros Chemicos group travelled with all our equipment, in two vans, to our first sample location upstream of the reservoir of Zahara. Once there we sampled the source of the Guadalete river. In the afternoon the chemistry group measured the reservoir of Bornos. To reach the sample location we had to swim, with our equipment, to a remote platform off the shoreline. A healthy ending of the day.
It was a funny day. While we were sampling at the mouth of the river the substrate was so muddy, that the person sampling the mud was more swimming than actually standing on the soil. We also documented the exciting journey of a tomato, hitch-hiking a ride. We made it back in one piece, which is quite an achievement, because one of the drivers in our group wasn’t very experienced and killed the engine of the van 14 times. We are lucky we are alive! On the way back we learned a Spanish  saying, which had to do something with a silly cucumber, a tall peanut tree and somewhere some pesto. These Spanish people are weird!
Geohydrology and Morphology
Today we started at the river mouth, and figured that we were unable to measure there because of the mud and the huge size of the cross section- we should have bought a boat! El Portal dam decided to open at the time we were there, so still no measurements, but Gydo saved the lives of some trapped fish. We were able to measure the tributary location where the Guadalete and the Majaceite rivers melt. We almost lost some good people on the way, but we got usable samples and results. Also 6 heroes spent their entire day inside El Sabio analysing samples.
At the beginning of the day the communication group organized their work and planned our day. Before lunch time we went to the Natural Park of Grazalema to gather more information by interviewing “Agua Sierra Cadiz”. Afterwards, we enjoyed our meal at the city Plaza of Grazalema with typical Spanish drinks and food.  The day finished with work on the DPSIR analysis and a final meeting.
Text by: Sven, Jose, Tatiana, Thomas

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