Update Day 8!

“Today the end was near, the south was planning a takeover over the north and pushing the north back towards the border. Near the border a big wall was build. This wall consisted out of a lot of Cadiz and had a head and a tail. The mannschaft of the south maintained the sheeps inside the building but car where flying in and out. But when the priest told the bird to wash there clothes people went bezerk and were fishing for dinasaurs inside a bottle of rum, johoo…”



Our guest writer had a very creative idea about what has happened today and we are not quite sure, what happened to the protagonists, if there was any.

From our perspective, divided groups fought their way into the city by different means but managed to gather inside the city of Cadiz on a beautiful sunny day. Sightseeing and experiencing the local market and city centre brought us to a park, where we saw the last remaining dinosaurs in existence in a little duck pond. Impressive giant trees, which needed crutches to maintain their weight and exotic tropical vegetation with parrots had a great impression on us. Later that day we lay down on the beach and watched the incoming thunderstorm approach. Together with the last remaining hippie on earth, we left towards a tapas bar, to experience how bad tapas can be made. Returning to Jerez in the train, we discovered the truth about the sensation of yawning.

We observed the impressive lightning but were caught by a rain wall so strong, that we swam the rest of the way to El Sabio.

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The final fact sheets and other important stuff will be online soon! So stay updated and check out the new pictures of today and yesterday!

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