Update Day 6!

Apart from the fact that we just broke the new record of views per day (609 and counting), not much happened today….

WRONG!!! Several things have happened during this day of hard and enthusiastic work! Especially the chemistry group has FINALLY handed some pictures in! You can see this on our pictures and in the summaries of our group leaders:



An early start today for the Bandeleros Chemicos“. Most of the samples that we took during the week were analysed on this day by all of us. It prooved to be a hung job for all running tests, working on the report and finishing the presentation. For one of us, the work was even so heavy, the chair underneath him broke into pieces and the person sitting on it found himself in the middle of the room on the floor.



Hard working day for us, we got some problems with the data but fortunately we managed to figure it out, the group almost had a heart attack because we thought we weren’t going to meet the deadline, at the end of the day we managed to get all going and the rest of the group cooled down and enjoyed the ride.



Thursday was the last field day with two interviews with the Environmental Agency of Cádiz. We were fortunate to talk to the coordinator of forest management and coordinator of environmental protection. In the afternoon we worked on the biggest challenge of the communication: implementing the catchment area of the Guadalete River into the DPSIR format.



Today started with an excursion to the salt marshes. We saw FLAMINGOS!!! We also ate some sea grass (Salicornia).. which was supposed to be their coastal protection…

Back at El Sabio we started to work on the report. Everybody was working and getting results finished. Now the report is done and we can open some bottles :P.


Written by: Gydo, Sven, Jose, Tatiana

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