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Assessment of the ecological state of the Guadalete River, Andalucía, Spain

Report made by students water management 2012-2013 Ecological assessment of guadalete river, spain 2012 from Henk Massink You can download the report by…….. needs to be added. I still have to make a link for downloading the report. Will be

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Policies Towards a Sustainable Use of Water in Spain

Authors:  Andrés Fuentes Abstract:  Spain  uses  its  natural  water  resources  intensively,  mostly  in  agriculture,  thanks  to  a  highly  developed  dam infrastructure. The limits for extraction of natural resources have largely been reached and climate change is expected to continue  lowering

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The Evolution of Water Law and Policy in Spain

Authors:  Antonio Embid Abstract: Spain has an old and complex legislation with regard to water, which has recently undergone some modiŽcation (the 199 9 Act). The water market has been introduced, with emphasis on environmental protection aspects, while continuing traditional

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