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Assessment of the ecological state of the Guadalete River, Andalucía, Spain

Report made by students water management 2012-2013 Ecological assessment of guadalete river, spain 2012 from Henk Massink You can download the report by…….. needs to be added. I still have to make a link for downloading the report. Will be

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Protocols for Mapping and Characterizing Land Use/Land Cover in Riparian Zones

Authors:  Michaela R. Johnson and Ronald B. Zelt Abstract: Protocols for mapping and characterizing land-use/landcover (LULC) features in the riparian zone are presented in this report. The protocols are documented for use by the U.S. Geological Survey’s National Water-Quality Assessment (NAWQA) Program. At each

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Erosion in Mediterranean landscapes: Changes and future challenges

Authors:  José M. García-Ruiza, Estela Nadal-Romerob, Noemí Lana-Renault, Santiago Beguería Abstract:  Intense erosion processes are widespread in the Mediterranean region, and include sheet wash erosion, rilling, gullying, shallow landsliding, and the development of large and active badlands in both subhumid

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Assessment of Productive Efficiency in Irrigated Areas of Andalusia

Authors:  Noelina Rodríguez-Ferrero, Manuel Salas-Velasco, María Teresa Sánchez-Martínez Abstract:  Expansionist policies in irrigation in Andalusia have led to an intensive use of water, which has depleted rivers and aquifers and led to high added costs in terms of hidden subsidies

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