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Assessment of the ecological state of the Guadalete River, Andalucía, Spain

Report made by students water management 2012-2013 Ecological assessment of guadalete river, spain 2012 from Henk Massink You can download the report by…….. needs to be added. I still have to make a link for downloading the report. Will be

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Freshwater macroinvertebrate distribution in two basins with different salinity gradients(Guadalete and Guadaira river basins, south-western Spain)

Authors:  Alfonso Gallardo_Mayenco Abstract:  This work reports the results of one year’s sampling of aquatic macroinver-brates in various streams with different salinity gradients. The study area was the headwaters of the rivers Guadaíra and Guadalete, located in the same geographical

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The Iberian ichthyofauna: Ecological contributions

Authors:  L. Encina, A. Rodríguez, C. Granado-Lorencio Abstract:  The actual Iberian ichthyofauna is the result of the functioning of the aquatic systems and the human activities. For 27 years the Fish Ecology Research Group of Seville University has worked on

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