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Photos and videos taken during the 2014 FSW

Videos from FSW 2014

Here are the videos made by the groups during their sampling, measurements and other work. Hydrology group: The water temperature was 25 C° and still he refused for a while to go into the water….. strange! It was very Gentleman-like

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Day 8: Buenos Nachos For The Last Time

Pictures by Sonja, Julius

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Day Seven: The Final Countdown

Pictures by: Julius, Sonja

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Day Six: Only the Good Times!

Pictures taken by: Sonja

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Day Five: … Through Valleys, Fields and Mountains

Pictures by: Julius, Rodrigo, Maureen, Tania

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Day Four: On The Road To…

Pictures of the Biology, Chemistry, Hydrology and Stakeholder Groups Pictures by: Sonja, Tatiana, Maureen, Arnoud, Sander, Michiel

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Day Three: First Sampling Day

  Pictures taken by: Julius, Robin, Michiel, Sander & Jeroen

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Day Two: Introduction to Guadalete River

Photos added by: Amber, Jeroen, Ben, Sonja and Julius

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Day One: Travel and Arrival

Departure from Brussels Airport
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