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Leftover videos

Some videos which has not been publiced,until know. There is no system in de the list of videos.

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Lunch staff members at Cadiz

Today staff members had a meeting with staff of the Cadiz University. There was also a lunch Reaction students after staff members were 45 minutes to late  They don’t look very angry :-).

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Students working in Salinas

To get enough funding, students are forced to work in the Salinas

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Scenarios group 1 (name is group 5)

Based on the Vision, different scenarios are made. Group 1 (name = group 5) came with the following possible scenarios.

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Working on scenarios. Some students look tired, what could be the cause?

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cultural evening

yesterday evening we had a cultural eveningduring this evening we had a tasting session of sherry (jerez) while we where tasting a group gave us a nice flamenco demonstration below you can see 4 movies of the flamenco demonstration

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Speech Michiel

Short part on Video (The story of the field study in Spain in 2013)SMALL IS BIG AFTER ALL In the year 2013, a massive river scene investigation took place in the river basin of the Guadelette. The most well-known financial

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Hydrology slipper test

 Advanced technology used by hydrology group. Special attention for the slipper catcher  

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chemistry group taking a water sample

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Driving and navigation skills of geomophology

We were following the GPS, but Jelle added the wrong adress. The big van was taken all the way through the downtown (small streets) of Jerez de la Frontera and we almost lost the side mirrors. I will try to

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