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Day 7: Due date

Day 7 Today is the day that the report needs to be handed in. All groups need to finish analysing their data, put it in nice tables and graphs, make a presentation which needs to be presented at 2 pm,

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Day 5 and 6: Geomorphology

Day 5And again the day was started at 8 am were we had breakfast. Today we have dicided that only half of the group will go into the field and the other half will start processing the data, grain size

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Driving and navigation skills of geomophology

We were following the GPS, but Jelle added the wrong adress. The big van was taken all the way through the downtown (small streets) of Jerez de la Frontera and we almost lost the side mirrors. I will try to

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Geo-morphology group sieving

 Geo-morphology group sieving

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Drying sediment from river

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Living Wall

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Day 4

  Here are some pictures from day 4 of the field trip in Cadiz, SpainInvalid Displayed Gallery

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Day 4: Geomorphology

Day 4Today was the first measurement day. Again the breakfast was at 8 am, although people are getting in later and later every day since the students now know exactly how long they need (cheese is still horrible) to eat.

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Blog: Day 3

Day 3This morning we had to get up at what is going to be the usual time, 8 am, to get some breakfast before starting the day. The cheese is still not edible, so this morning we tried something else

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Lecture Gemorphology and Hydrology Delta Guadalete

Lecture by Javier Gracia, Cadiz University, 15 – 9 – 2013 The guadalete river basin from Henk Massink  During Class

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