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Fact sheets and Presentation

Listed up here you will find the fact sheets of every group and also the final Presentation. Stakeholder Group: – Factsheet stakeholders   Biology Group: – Factsheets Biology   Chemistry Group: – Final factsheet Chemistry 2014   Hydrology Group: – GeHy Fact Report_final  

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Videos from FSW 2014

Here are the videos made by the groups during their sampling, measurements and other work. Hydrology group: The water temperature was 25 C° and still he refused for a while to go into the water….. strange! It was very Gentleman-like

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Update Day 8!

“Today the end was near, the south was planning a takeover over the north and pushing the north back towards the border. Near the border a big wall was build. This wall consisted out of a lot of Cadiz and

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Day 8: Buenos Nachos For The Last Time

Pictures by Sonja, Julius

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Update Day Seven!

Actually, this update could be one of the longest, you will ever read on this website, but we will try to keep it short: The day started with hard work on the presentation and report, after we discovered in the

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Day Seven: The Final Countdown

Pictures by: Julius, Sonja

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Update Day 6!

Apart from the fact that we just broke the new record of views per day (609 and counting), not much happened today…. WRONG!!! Several things have happened during this day of hard and enthusiastic work! Especially the chemistry group has

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Day Six: Only the Good Times!

Pictures taken by: Sonja

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Update Day Five!

On this Wednesday, the 8.10, the FS groups went again out into the field to take samples and measurements. Lets see what they have to say about their days: Also check out the newest pictures of today’s adventures! Chemistry After

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Day Five: … Through Valleys, Fields and Mountains

Pictures by: Julius, Rodrigo, Maureen, Tania

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