Fact sheets and Presentation

Listed up here you will find the fact sheets of every group and also the final Presentation.

Stakeholder Group:

– Factsheet stakeholders


Biology Group:

– Factsheets Biology


Chemistry Group:

– Final factsheet Chemistry 2014


Hydrology Group:

– GeHy Fact Report_final



– State of the Guadalete River, Spain

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Videos from FSW 2014

Here are the videos made by the groups during their sampling, measurements and other work.

Hydrology group:

The water temperature was 25 C° and still he refused for a while to go into the water….. strange!

It was very Gentleman-like of him to carry it for her, but wouldn’t it be just easier to walk on the same path as he did? It was not deep anyway.

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Update Day 8!

“Today the end was near, the south was planning a takeover over the north and pushing the north back towards the border. Near the border a big wall was build. This wall consisted out of a lot of Cadiz and had a head and a tail. The mannschaft of the south maintained the sheeps inside the building but car where flying in and out. But when the priest told the bird to wash there clothes people went bezerk and were fishing for dinasaurs inside a bottle of rum, johoo…”



Our guest writer had a very creative idea about what has happened today and we are not quite sure, what happened to the protagonists, if there was any.

From our perspective, divided groups fought their way into the city by different means but managed to gather inside the city of Cadiz on a beautiful sunny day. Sightseeing and experiencing the local market and city centre brought us to a park, where we saw the last remaining dinosaurs in existence in a little duck pond. Impressive giant trees, which needed crutches to maintain their weight and exotic tropical vegetation with parrots had a great impression on us. Later that day we lay down on the beach and watched the incoming thunderstorm approach. Together with the last remaining hippie on earth, we left towards a tapas bar, to experience how bad tapas can be made. Returning to Jerez in the train, we discovered the truth about the sensation of yawning.

We observed the impressive lightning but were caught by a rain wall so strong, that we swam the rest of the way to El Sabio.

Media Team


The final fact sheets and other important stuff will be online soon! So stay updated and check out the new pictures of today and yesterday!

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Day 8: Buenos Nachos For The Last Time

Pictures by Sonja, Julius

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Update Day Seven!

Actually, this update could be one of the longest, you will ever read on this website, but we will try to keep it short:

The day started with hard work on the presentation and report, after we discovered in the morning, that some couches mysteriously moved in front of some doors. After some students fell asleep from the exhaustion, we travelled to the University of Cadiz, where we held our presentation and kept it central. Michiel closed off the event with his Pastafarian story.


Back at El Sabio, we decided to enjoy the last warm sunlight of the day and jump into the pool.

In the evening we were invited to a surprise “party” to El Puerto de Santa Maria. A guided VIP tour and sherry wine tasting with Flamenco dance and music in the background was the result. We were strictly told not to touch the bell… I cannot recall anyone, who did not touch it. The evening was rounded off back at El Sabio with a lot of singing, occasional heavy drinking, people falling off the stairs and again mysterious couches changing their locations.

Rumors have it that a sea monster with goggles was sighted in the pool at night as well. But one main question remained on that evening:


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Day Seven: The Final Countdown

Pictures by: Julius, Sonja

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Update Day 6!

Apart from the fact that we just broke the new record of views per day (609 and counting), not much happened today….

WRONG!!! Several things have happened during this day of hard and enthusiastic work! Especially the chemistry group has FINALLY handed some pictures in! You can see this on our pictures and in the summaries of our group leaders:



An early start today for the Bandeleros Chemicos“. Most of the samples that we took during the week were analysed on this day by all of us. It prooved to be a hung job for all running tests, working on the report and finishing the presentation. For one of us, the work was even so heavy, the chair underneath him broke into pieces and the person sitting on it found himself in the middle of the room on the floor.



Hard working day for us, we got some problems with the data but fortunately we managed to figure it out, the group almost had a heart attack because we thought we weren’t going to meet the deadline, at the end of the day we managed to get all going and the rest of the group cooled down and enjoyed the ride.



Thursday was the last field day with two interviews with the Environmental Agency of Cádiz. We were fortunate to talk to the coordinator of forest management and coordinator of environmental protection. In the afternoon we worked on the biggest challenge of the communication: implementing the catchment area of the Guadalete River into the DPSIR format.



Today started with an excursion to the salt marshes. We saw FLAMINGOS!!! We also ate some sea grass (Salicornia).. which was supposed to be their coastal protection…

Back at El Sabio we started to work on the report. Everybody was working and getting results finished. Now the report is done and we can open some bottles :P.


Written by: Gydo, Sven, Jose, Tatiana

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Day Six: Only the Good Times!

Pictures taken by: Sonja

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Update Day Five!

On this Wednesday, the 8.10, the FS groups went again out into the field to take samples and measurements. Lets see what they have to say about their days:

Also check out the newest pictures of today’s adventures!


After a very nice breakfast, the Bandeleros Chemicos group travelled with all our equipment, in two vans, to our first sample location upstream of the reservoir of Zahara. Once there we sampled the source of the Guadalete river. In the afternoon the chemistry group measured the reservoir of Bornos. To reach the sample location we had to swim, with our equipment, to a remote platform off the shoreline. A healthy ending of the day.
It was a funny day. While we were sampling at the mouth of the river the substrate was so muddy, that the person sampling the mud was more swimming than actually standing on the soil. We also documented the exciting journey of a tomato, hitch-hiking a ride. We made it back in one piece, which is quite an achievement, because one of the drivers in our group wasn’t very experienced and killed the engine of the van 14 times. We are lucky we are alive! On the way back we learned a Spanish  saying, which had to do something with a silly cucumber, a tall peanut tree and somewhere some pesto. These Spanish people are weird!
Geohydrology and Morphology
Today we started at the river mouth, and figured that we were unable to measure there because of the mud and the huge size of the cross section- we should have bought a boat! El Portal dam decided to open at the time we were there, so still no measurements, but Gydo saved the lives of some trapped fish. We were able to measure the tributary location where the Guadalete and the Majaceite rivers melt. We almost lost some good people on the way, but we got usable samples and results. Also 6 heroes spent their entire day inside El Sabio analysing samples.
At the beginning of the day the communication group organized their work and planned our day. Before lunch time we went to the Natural Park of Grazalema to gather more information by interviewing “Agua Sierra Cadiz”. Afterwards, we enjoyed our meal at the city Plaza of Grazalema with typical Spanish drinks and food.  The day finished with work on the DPSIR analysis and a final meeting.
Text by: Sven, Jose, Tatiana, Thomas
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Day Five: … Through Valleys, Fields and Mountains

Pictures by: Julius, Rodrigo, Maureen, Tania

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